WIN today’s Montgomery boots by MADISON

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WIN today's Montgomery boots by MADISON

“Make a style statement this winter with a gorgeous pair of Montgomery Over-the-Knee Boots by Madison. Edgy, modern and perfect for the trendsetter, the funky design showcases a durable wipe-clean synthetic construct in a blotchy grey finish with red accents and silver-toned metal trim. It features a rounded reinforced toe, plain vamp and quarters, moulded heel cup, zip closure, flared collar buckle detail and a padded insole for comfort. Wear it with textured stockings and flared skirt and long sleeve top for a playful look. ” – Zando

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Click here for your chance to win these gorgeous heels with your BFF this month. Don’t forget to leave a comment to motivate your entry! (Oh, and you can enter as many friends as you like – each one means another chance for you to win! *yay*)

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45 Responses

  1. Love the boots. So wish I could own them.

  2. Perfect prize for winter! And I don’t have any long boots so it will be so awesome to win 😀

  3. This look so lovely, will add the perfect edge to my grundge but feminine look.

  4. Yes please and thank you, moving to Johannesburg and these will certainly help me through the winter

  5. You are making me so jealous as I would love to see these boots on my feet 🙂

  6. The Daily Shoe you are teasing me because you know this is exactly what I want ♥♥♥

  7. OH WOW these are absolutely stunning and I so need them

  8. Sexy, edgy and comfortable, what else could you want from a pair of boots.

  9. the walk with a difference is walk with style, elegance and fashionable, living people who are looking wishing to be my friends

  10. Red detail on these gorgeous boots makes them great for casual wear and versatile for an evening out too.
    Red detail works with any colour dress and leggings too.

  11. I would love to win this! I live in flats (I am very tall and yeah they’re comfy) and who wouldn’t want super warm feet (that looks soooo stylish) in this coldest cold winter

  12. YAY for Friday flats!!! These are beautiful I love the constrast in detail aaaaand they look like over the knee boots? Right? Yay for warm knees

  13. oooh I was soooo eyeing this boot at Zando… I even have it in my basket just in case money falls from the sky to pay for it :-D. my fav part of this boot is the red zip on the side and that it’s extra long (as I am quite tall). I am definately going to forward to as many friends as I can !!

  14. My long winter boots died and I thought I would never love again. Then I saw the Montgomery boots by MADISON and my heart started pounding…

  15. My only motivation, and the only one that actually counts…shoes can change your life. And I just have to have this!

  16. I would love to win this stunning pair of boots to keep my legs warm and to be the centre of attraction with my Montgomery boots. Love them

  17. Rocker chicks deserve funky boots for their birthdays! Kelly’s b’day is in July and mine was in May! 🙂

  18. My best friend of 26 years both have a shoe fetish. we are complete shoe lovers and more often than not we end up buying the exact same shoes, without the other knowing.. It would be so awesome to win these gorgeous boots for us both! Bring ion the winter!! 🙂

  19. I want to need these …. wait I DO need them 🙂

  20. Would LOVE to win these gorgeous boots for my sister Nasreen Sullivan and I, we could both do with a stylish new pair of boots for Winter 🙂

  21. Oh my word this boots are made for walking!! This is so me….. Why do I love Winter for the cold weather?? No ways this is the best time of the year because I can walk with style in boots!!! A Pair of Madison’s Boots will do it for me they are FAB!!!

  22. Such stunning boots – I simply have to have them, and if that means winning them, then so be it! ♥

  23. I love Madison shoes and I love my friend. It’s winter and she is in need of new winter boots. Making all those sacrifices to pursue her dream of going back to school, this would be a way to show support.

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