THE DAILY SHOE® - Leather & Striped Satin Mules | GIANNICO
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  • Reply Charmaine Suttie

    I don’t hate it
    I kinda like it
    Colours are soft, which takes away any garishness it might have invoked

    17 April at
  • Reply Lee


    11 April at
  • Reply Charmaine

    Oh wow, breathtakingly beautiful!!!!! Gorgeous!!!

    11 April at
  • Reply hattiealexander

    What a gorgeous shoe design…loooove it!

    11 April at
  • Reply Astrid

    OMG!!! gorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeous

    11 April at
  • Reply Wendy Leissner-Machanik

    absolutely adore these 🙂

    11 April at
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