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  • Reply SAFA SAHIN

    Well done. Daily shoes !

    12 January at
  • Reply Pawar

    This is a great site to keep up with latest trends – just love it!

    27 May at
  • Reply Sharon Sorour-Morris

    I love your blog – such a breath of fresh air every morning for us shoegals. Some of them are a bit OTT for my taste though … I’m a ballerina flats woman, through and through and find wearing heels daunting so I sometimes wish you would focus more on a bigger variety as most of your shoes are heels execpt for the Casual Fridays. Just a suggestion 🙂

    30 October at
  • Reply Kayleen

    I just love the shoes that you post, they just make my day!! I really look forward to opening your emails everyday!

    12 October at
  • Reply The Daily Shoe

    Thanks Nadira! That is wonderful to hear 🙂

    22 May at
  • Reply nadira nankan

    im a shoeholic. love this blog.

    20 May at
  • Reply Tessa

    I for one can’t wait for your post then I take “The Daily Shoe” and make it my whatsapp profile picture. And let me just miss 1 change then my friends ask- “where the shoe? We waiting. Well done!

    21 January at
  • Reply Este

    Congrats! Besides for the initial shoes that arrived daily in my inbox (even on holidays), it now includes a whole outfit and accessories. One of the best daily email newsletters I have ever subscribed to. LOVE IT!!!

    6 January at
  • Reply nicole

    Congrats! Looking forward to seeing the outfit inspirations too..

    24 December at
  • Reply David

    Great news and well deserved.

    24 December at
  • Reply The Daily Shoe

    <3 Thank you! x

    24 December at
  • Reply disajan

    Absolutely fabulous news that you won!! I'm not surprised however as you have an awesome blog and some amazing shoes!! Keep up the good work! Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    23 December at
    • Reply The Daily Shoe

      Thank you so much for your lovely words! Means the world. Wishing you the same – Merry Christmas!

      24 December at
  • Reply Rhona Aves

    Well done. Daily shoes just rock.

    23 December at
  • Reply Gumi

    Always looking forward to seeing what stunning shoe will be on my Facebook wall. <3

    13 December at
  • Reply Anne Coetzer

    wow wow

    13 December at
  • Reply Kim McAdam

    Vote cast

    13 December at
  • Reply fortunate mutauranwa

    to Karen

    Am voting fr u

    13 December at
  • Reply Shireen Brophy

    It will only be my pleasure!!! Thank you for brightening my mornings!!!:)☺

    13 December at
  • Reply gwendolyn

    Hi Karen

    Thanks for the email and all the lovely daily shoes. I’m an Scots-Australian living in Cape Town, my many friends who love your blog live in USA, UK, Australia, Indonesia NZ to name but a few-keep up the valuable work and best of luck for the competition.


    Wendy Jacobs

    (professional lover of footwear)

    13 December at
  • Reply The Daily Shoe

    Hey Keneilwe!

    Wow – that's a few seasons back, are you talking about the DVF shoe here:…? If we don't post a "shop" link, in most cases the shoe is sold out. The only option is to google it in that case and try to find it somewhere internationally perhaps. That's always the trouble with fashion, isn't it? It's not forever 🙁

    Sorry Keneilwe – I wish I could have been more useful!

    11 December at
  • Reply keneilwe

    Good day, on the 17th Oct 2012. A nice shoe was posted- I've looked everywhere. Is it possible that I can get that shoe. I still have a picture, please get back to me:)

    10 December at
  • Reply Cathryn le Roux

    Sooo 2013 was super exciting. My handsome son got married on 28 February 2013 to his gorgeous girlfriend/fiancee of 8 years and my daughter got engaged 20 July 2013. She will be saying her "I do's" on 17 April 2014! Thus, I have just packed away the Mother of the Groom outfit and am now hunting feverishly for the Mother of the Bride outfit! 🙂 Still looking for those Kate Spade (charm) rose gold shoes I queried on Daily shoe a week or so ago… Further hubby and I will be married 30 years next year July!

    10 December at
  • Reply Marilyn

    I absolutely LOVE opening my shoe every morning. Keep up the great work – and good luck with the blog competition!

    10 December at
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